[whatwg] Storage events

I'd like to propose we remove the "source" attribute from storage events.  (
In Chrome, we cannot provide access to a window object unless it's in the
same process.  Since there's no way to guarantee that two windows in the
same origin are in the same process, Chrome would need to always set it to
null in order to avoid confusing developers (since what process a page is in
is really an implementation detail).

But, as far as I can tell, Safari is the only browser that currently
provides this.  I suspect that as other multi-process implementations are
developed, they'll run into the same issue.  And, even if they can
technically provide synchronous access to another processes Window object,
there are _very_ strong arguments against it.  So, can we please remove the
source attribute from storage events?

One other question: is the URL attribute supposed to be the same as
documentURI or location.href?  I ask because WebKit currently uses the
documentURI but if this were the correct behavior, I would have expected the
spec to make that more clear.
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