[whatwg] framesets

>>Maybe there are not many sites because nobody wants this type of sites?
> You think nobody wants Javadoc? Javadoc has been shipping with an read-only
> version of this use case for years.

Of course Java developers want access to documentation. I am not sure
if they want frameset though.

> The full use case is treeview database maintenance.

Server side should not be even mentioned in this case.

> Tree logic has been slow
> to mature in SQL, is non-trivial in HTML as we see, and is hard to generate
> from PHP/Ruby/whatever.

Tree logic requires a bit of effort with table design and SQL, and is very easy
in HTML and PHP/Ruby/whatever.


>> while I prefers solutions built around solving the real need.
> Which this is.

Nope. I guess real need is something along the lines "provide access
to documentation
online" or something like that.

>>Nobody forbids you from using previous versions of HTML.
> Correct, but excluding frameset from HTML5 increases the likelihood that
> browsers will drop support for the feature.

I would like to see that but not going to happen. Browsers will
support HTML4 for
decades to come.


Received on Wednesday, 14 October 2009 09:12:28 UTC