[whatwg] framesets

Peter Brawley schrieb:
>  >So, if the people who discuss and define the HTML5 standard *do not 
> like* framesets,
>  >it is IMO reason enough for them to take them out of this standard.
> Thwere we disagree. A main W3C responsibility is to facilitate the web. 
> Removing a feature /which is used because use cases require it/ is 
> destructive to the web by diminishing support for a required feature.

Frames are not part of HTML4 Strict. The existing HTML4 Frameset 
Standard will remain valid. AFAICS, unlike HTML4 Strict pages, you will 
be able to use valid HTML5 pages in HTML4 framesets, as the target 
attribute has been moved back into HTML5. So why do you insist in 
creating an HTML5 Frameset Standard?

Received on Saturday, 10 October 2009 00:47:42 UTC