[whatwg] framesets

> From: Peter Brawley
> Designation of reasonable uses as "evil" is authoritarian nonsense.

Sorry to break into the discussion, but as pointed out, you can still use frames if you want to. The way I see it you have three choices:

1) Keep using HTML4
2) Loose the frames and use HTML5
3) Use HTML5 but also keep using the HTML4 frames

Now, option 3 might sound silly, but you could always say that part of your pages validate in HTML4 and the other part in HTML5. In essence, the validators tell you nothing about how your pages behave in browsers, and as long as your code is sound (which doesn't have to be valid mind you) it will render perfectly, and will continue to do so for a very long time I suspect.

Now I am not advocating such a course of action, but I could see how it would benefit in certain situations. Keep in mind that the only authority the spec-writers have is over the spec itself, not over your use of it.


Received on Friday, 9 October 2009 13:30:11 UTC