[whatwg] Superset encodings [Re: ISO-8859-* and the C1 control range]

On Tue, 14 Apr 2009, ?istein E. Andersen wrote:

> Shift_JIS < Windows-31J
> [...]
> Shift-JIS < Windows-932

Le 5 juin 09, Anne van Kesteren ?crivit :

> Is the implication here that Shift_JIS and Shift-JIS are distinct  
> [...]?

No, Shift-JIS and Windows-932 are commonly used names/labels for the  
encodings that are registered as Shift_JIS and Windows-31J  
(respectively) in the IANA charset registry. Sorry for the confusion  

?istein E. Andersen

PS: Sorry for the belated reply, partly caused by a hard-drive break- 
down while I was away.

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