[whatwg] the cite element

Regarding your example:
	<cite class="bibliography-item"
	>Smith, John. <i>The Triumph of HTML 5</i>. 2015. 
	New York: Faraway Press. </cite>
I think we can agree that one could use such a syntax outside of running
text, as in appendices, footnotes and the like.  There is no much harm even
if the whole entry is italicized, because it will be clearly stand-alone.
Moreover, no validator is going to catch you on that, at least not in the
near future.  In the far future, on the other hand, the browsers will be
able to infer the meaning from the text and semantic markup like that will
be unnecessary.
I think this part of the standard should be taken with some flexibility.  It
is fine to make little extensions for unanticipated contexts.
And besides, regarding the problem with untitled works:
	In his untitled work <CITE ></CITE >.
Will do.

Received on Monday, 8 June 2009 04:12:01 UTC