[whatwg] Selectable category tree, nested optgroups?

2009/7/9 Old?ich Vete?n?k <vetesnik at mrmil.cz>:
> Hi,
> Imagine you have a (for example) category tree like this:
> * Cars
> ?* Sporty
> ?* Limo
> ? ?* 18 wheeler
> ?* Bloody good
> ?* Big
> * Places to live in
> ?* Villa
> ?* Flat
> ?* Under bridge
> ...
> and you are to select one for your article of some sort. <optgroup> isn't
> capable of doing this at the moment as it cannot be nested and you cannot
> select "Cars" category (it's its label attribute). Currently this is done by
> intending with spaces and, in my humble opinion, it doesn't look too
> accessible - I wouldn't want to crawl through it with my screenreader if it
> was a longer list.
> I'm here to ask if there is/could be a better way than intending.

This has been suggested before, and even made it into the spec at one
point, but got removed because there didn't seem to be a way to do
this in a backwards-compatible manner.  There was also the suggestion
of a new element to use for this case, but that appeared late enough
that it's being pushed to "v2" for the moment - html5 already makes a
*ton* of changes and additions to forms.  ^_^


Received on Friday, 24 July 2009 08:03:53 UTC