[whatwg] Validation

W li?cie Eduard Pascual z dnia poniedzia?ek 20 lipca 2009:
> Browsers are built incrementally. For example, IE10 is very likely to
> render properly any page that IE9 had rendered properly (plus some
> that IE9 couldn't handle). And IE9 will handle any page that IE8
> handles (plus some that are too much for IE8), just like IE8 handles
> any page that IE7 (in addition to those that use CSS2 features not
> supported by IE7), and IE7 renders all the stuff that IE6 renders, and
> so on...
That would be nice if it was true. Have you seen the list of pages compatible 
with IE6 but not IE8 (eg here: 

Pawe? Stradomski

Received on Monday, 20 July 2009 14:54:28 UTC