[whatwg] Feeedback on <dfn>, <abbr>, and other elements

On Thu, 27 Nov 2008, Pentasis wrote:
> Actually, it would solve a problem like this:
> What if I style abbr so that the title attribute is shown after the 
> abbreviation:
> abbr[title]:after {
>   content: " ("attr(title)")";
> }
> Now obviously I don't need and don't want to do this for every instance 
> of the abbreviation on the page visually (just the first one on each 
> page would be enough) , but I do want the title attribute to be expanded 
> for screenreaders on each instance.
> Using this solution would enable the screenreaders to get the title 
> information from a previous instance, but at the same time would not 
> render it visually.

That seems like a problem that should be solved in CSS, not HTML. (What if 
you wanted another style sheet that showed the abbreviation for the first 
_two_ occurances?)

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