[whatwg] Absent rev?

Hello Ian,

Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Tue, 18 Nov 2008, Martin McEvoy wrote:
>>> The second most common value was rev="stylesheet", which is 
>>> meaningless and obviously meant to be rel="stylesheet".
>> And that was the basis of the whatwg decision to drop rev?
> Yes.

Was this the study you based your decisions on?


>> (I am not criticizing just trying to understand it) surely all it needed 
>> was to define some rev values (the same as rel) and people will start 
>> using rev correctly?
> That's backwards -- looking for a problem to fit the solution, not looking 
> for a solution to fit the problem

No not really because If you look at the anyalasis(link above) made in 
2005 rev=made (9th) is used more than, rel start, search, help, top, up, 
author and a whole lot of other link relationships that have made their 
way into HTML5, It doesn't make any sense?

If you have a more up to date study on link relationships, please can I 
have a link?

Best Wishes

Martin McEvoy


Received on Wednesday, 19 November 2008 01:35:29 UTC