[whatwg] Workers feedback

Alexey Proskuryakov wrote:
> Nov 14, 2008, ? 10:00 AM, Jonas Sicking ???????(?):
>>>> What are the use cases? Also note that we can't use it with shared 
>>>> workers since they can be connected to several pages from different 
>>>> uris.
>>> It returns the script's URL, not the page's.
>> Oh?! Then I understand even less what the use case is. This is 
>> something that doesn't exist for <script> and i've never heard anyone 
>> ask for it (granted, that is not proof that no one wants it).
> Actually, this exists for <script> is you say that it returns the URL 
> that the script execution context uses for resolving relative URLs. It 
> just so happens that for <script>, it's document URL, and for workers, 
> it's script URL.

That works the same in Workers iirc, without the need for a .location API.

Actually, come to think of it, what is the BaseURI for workers? I.e. 
what URI is importScripts and XHR resolved against?

/ Jonas

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