[whatwg] About <input type="hidden">

Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Fri, 17 Oct 2008, Mike Wilson wrote:
> > but for more decoupled systems you may want to specify a 
> > HTML snippet per object type or similar - and then apply 
> > recursive view rendering on an object graph.
> I agree, but it seems that having the hidden inputs be inside 
> the next <li> of a list, or the next <td>, or whatever is 
> appropriate, isn't much to ask for.

It's good that you see what problems I am describing.
There are two problems here, and I think you are mainly 
referring to the one which is about the templating system
having to parse the HTML it is producing to find the "next"
insertion spot. This is solvable but would be nice to not 
having to do. 
The other problem is that you sometimes would have to produce 
new markup, and probably hide it, in case there is no "next" 
<li> or <tr> f ex. (I notice that the requirement for at least 
one <td> has not been loosened up as it has been for <tr>.)

Anyway, I understand that you do not see a good way of letting
postable state become position independent, so we can close
this discussion.

Best regards
Mike Wilson

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