[whatwg] Handling <title> inside <body>

On Mon, 10 Nov 2008 11:51:34 +0100, Tommy Thorsen <tommy at kvaleberg.com>  

> I noticed that, according to the html5 algorithm, when the parser sees a  
> <title> start tag when in the "in body" insertion mode, it's not  
> supposed to relocate it to the head element. Opera matches this  
> behaviour, but Firefox moves any title tag  it finds into the head  
> element.

HTML5 used to match Firefox, but changed since, IIRC, Mozilla said they  
considered their behavior a bug and would change to match Opera.

> The description of the title element in the spec ("4.2.2 The title  
> element") says:
>     Contexts in which this element may be used:
>         In a head element containing no other title elements.
> I don't care very strongly about whether or not title elements are  
> allowed anywhere, but I do think the output of the parsing algorithm  
> should be valid html according to the rest of the spec.


> I think everything I've said about the <title> element also applies to  
> the <base> element.
> FWIW: In our implementation, I've changed the handling of "base" and  
> "title" in "in body" to:
>     Process the token using the rules for the "after head" insertion  
> mode.
> instead of processing them with the rules for "in head".

This doesn't result in "valid HTML" when there are multiple <title>s or  
<base>s or when the <base> doesn't have "either an href attribute, a  
target attribute, or both" or where the <base> element's href doesn't  
"contain a valid URL" or when the element doesn't "come before any other  
elements in the tree that have attributes defined as taking URLs", and so  


Not to mention cases where the notion of "valid HTML" depends on external  
resources or the author's intent (e.g. <img>).

Simon Pieters
Opera Software

Received on Monday, 10 November 2008 04:59:30 UTC