[whatwg] 'input' event interpretation

On Fri, 2 May 2008, Rimvydas wrote:
> The question is related to the 'input' event on Web Forms 2.0.
> The WF2 specification says:
> "This [input] event must be fired on a control whenever the value of
> the control changes due to input from the user, and is otherwise
> identical to the change event."
> However, there are a few problems with current interpretation of this sentence.
> The first one - what is considered an "input from the user"? I just
> check on opera and firefox3 - they fire the event when I enter
> something, but if i select an entry from autocomplete list or browser
> fills some forms for me - it is not fired. When I select a value from
> a list I usually want the value in the field to change - it is like
> typing, just faster. I have filed a bug for ff. Maybe a specification
> could be more precise on what is an input from the user...

I've tried to be clearer. Let me know if this is still ambiguous.

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