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>> The emphasis of the HTML5 spec (but also the XHTML2 and HTML4) lies on
>> the browser part. I understand, after all that is your job and I am sure
>> you are all very capable of that.
> HTML5's emphasis appears to be on the browser part only because that part
> is more complex than other parts. (I can't speak for the other specs,
> though I wouldn't say that they are really browser-emphasised.)

Sematics, linguistics, typography etc. etc. are pretty damned complex too. 
Now, this does by no means mean that the semantic part of HTML should comply 
to that complexity. All I am saying is that because it is so complex we need 
people who can simplify it. And that is something that has nothing to do 
with browser technology. A quick example: In language you have "rhetorics". 
According to wikipedia there are two types of rhetorics in english (schemes 
and tropes). But there are languages that have more types, how to deal with 
(if you are wondering what use rhetorics would have in HTML, think of words 
like "erm", "whoa", "tjirp" in combination with accessibility.)


Received on Wednesday, 5 November 2008 01:36:31 UTC