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[whatwg] Ressurecting <video> a11y thread [was Re: Video, Closed Captions, and Audio Description Tracks]

From: Dave Singer <singer@apple.com>
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2008 13:09:25 +0200
Message-ID: <p06240823c4d44e105443@[]>
At 12:59  +0200 22/08/08, Aaron Leventhal wrote:
>Has anyone put any further thought on what to do about captions for Ogg?
>We've started to throw some thoughts together here:
>We could use some help from individuals who understand the area of 
>video and captions. The problem of deciding what to do for captions 
>in <video> or specifically for Ogg does not appear to be simple. I'd 
>appreciate it if someone could prove us wrong.
>- Aaron

I don't have ogg-specific opinions, but here are some ideas.

a) burn in the captions, and allow the HTML level to select between 
sources with and without burned-in captions.  This is not ideal, but 
burned-in captions alas, do occur.

b) have a file format with streams that can be enabled/disabled. 
Streams might be something like 3G timed text, or a more direct 
translation of e.g. 508, or a more direct stream of e.g. w3C DFXP 
(Timed text authoring format).

c) use a more heavy-weight generic layer such as SVG, MPEG LASeR, or 3G DIMS

d) use a SMIL file pointing at the timed text in some text format, in 
a 'par' with the video

David Singer
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