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[whatwg] Full screen for the <video> element

From: Gareth Hay <gazhay@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2007 14:51:31 +0000
Message-ID: <BB92BC3A-ACE3-45C1-AE2B-FD6CCED814E0@gmail.com>
>> By that I mean that you obviously use IE and aren't considering  
>> other UA's, including mobile devices.
> What are you talking about?  Several browsers provide full screen  
> capabilities, including at least Firefox (Win) and Opera (Win and  
> Mac).  And last time I used a mobile device, it took the entire  
> screen real estate by default.

P990i, by default is portrait display, switching to landscape does  
provide a 'fullscreen' mode, but hey, don't let a valid point get in  
the way of the argument!

I really don't understand this attitude, it was a very clear point,  
pressing F11 in a *large* number of browsers does not provide a  
'fullscreen' mode. I mean, how many mobile devices even have an F11?

Besides, this is what I would consider as the 'correct'  
implementation, from mart at degeneration.co.uk :
> Perhaps you and I have different ideas about what is meant by "full  
> screen", but why would a page need to hide anything when the video  
> is full screen? The page itself won't be visible, because the video  
> will be taking up the entire screen!

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