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> Agree on all those.

Great! So where do we differ on the implementation of those goals? Is
there an up-to-date spec I can read?

> > - One major issue that we found here was that lots of existing
> > applications serve different resources at the same URI depending on
> > who is logged in. We could ask these applications to redesign so that
> > they don't do that, but we would prefer to not have to.
> >
> Understood, but this seems to add substantial complexity to the model.
> Is it really a big deal to restrict users to one login available
> offline? A browser can of course support multiple profiles or
> something similar to address that use case without complicating the
> development model.

If apps are to be able to transition between online and offline
seamlessly, that implies that the browser always serves the cached
version and revalidates in the background, right?

If so, that means apps can't serve different resources at the same
URL, even when a connection is available, which seems like a big

OTOH, I believe that if I were creating a new Gears-enabled app from
scratch, I would not use requiredCookie. In fact, I didn't for
Gearpad. There is only one version of Gearpad for all users, and it
pulls in the required user-specific resources dynamically.

- a

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