[whatwg] Allowed characters in attribute names

On Wed, 13 Jun 2007 12:31:13 +0200, Thomas Broyer <t.broyer at gmail.com>  
>> What if there is plugin content that uses non-ASCII characters as
>> parameters (and you didn't author it), should it be disallowed to author
>> HTML content aimed at that plugin content?
> You just won't be able to use it with <embed> and be forced to use
> <object>. Given that <embed> is deprecated, that's not a big deal.

<embed> is not deprecated. It's the dedicated element for plugin content.  
In fact, no element or attribute is deprecated in HTML5. They are either  
part of the language or not.

Anne van Kesteren

Received on Wednesday, 13 June 2007 03:34:44 UTC