[whatwg] Charset meta sniffing and supported encodings that are not rough ASCII supersets

On Jun 1, 2007, at 1:57 PM, Henri Sivonen wrote:

> The spec probably needs to be made more specific about the case  
> where the ASCII byte-based algorithm finds a supported encoding  
> name but the encoding is not a rough ASCII superset.
> 23:46 < othermaciej> one quirk in Safari is that if there's a meta  
> tag claiming
>                      the source is utf-16, we treat it as utf-8
> ...
> 23:48 < othermaciej> hsivonen: there is content that needs it
> ...
> 23:52 < othermaciej> hsivonen: I think we may treat any claimed  
> unicode charset
>                      in a <meta> tag as utf-8

An example of a live site that needs this:


     -- Darin

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