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[whatwg] Alt text authoring Re: Conformance for Mail clients

From: timeless <timeless@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 23:07:09 +0300
Message-ID: <26b395e60704191307h1f59a8e7n30c8164ac6ccc4f5@mail.gmail.com>
On 4/19/07, Matthew Paul Thomas <mpt at myrealbox.com> wrote:
> But it seems likely that the vast majority of non-spam e-mail messages
> are sent to individuals who are known by the sender to be
> fully-sighted. In that case putting up an interface for entering alt=
> text, *just in case* the recipient gets struck blind before they get
> around to reading the message, seems a bit unreasonable.

Just because I can see doesn't mean that my email client will show me
pictures. In fact, most of the email clients I use don't at least half
the time.

As such, encouraging people to include alt tags means the difference
between me knowing that there's an image I care to look at and not.
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