[whatwg] Footnotes, endnotes, sidenotes

Le 5 nov. 2006 ? 7:52, Elliotte Harold a ?crit :

> Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
>> Scholarly books sometimes use both footnotes and endnotes for  
>> different things -- footnotes for citations and endnotes for  
>> tangential discussions, or vice versa. I've never seen an HTML  
>> document try to make this distinction, though.
> Distinguishing footnotes and endnotes would require a multipage  
> document: footnotes go at the bottom of this page, endnotes at the  
> bottom of some other page.
> Since HTML5 is primarily about single pages, I suggest calling any  
> such element footnote and not having a separate endnote element.  
> This is a good example of picking fewer over more semantics as  
> discussed in another thread.

I agree with that. The distinction between a footnote and an endnote  
would be better left to the stylesheet.

Michel Fortin
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