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> I would also use <f> instead of <formula> (as Juan used in one of his  
> example), because it's shorter and fits well with many other wildly used  
> container elements: <p>, <h1>-<h6>, <ol>, <ul>, <li>, <dl>, <dt>, and  
> <dd>.

Why have <f> at all? When I'm writing about <var>x</var>, why should I  
write <f><var>x</var></f>? What would be the difference? I think a  
<formula> element is only needed for what is called "display equations" --  
they are rendered out of line, usually centered, and sometimes numbered.

That way, inline math would require no special element at all -- just  
write math in the middle of a sentence, and it should work. On the other  
hand, when math is put inside a <formula>, it's displayed on a line by  
itself, centered, numbered etc. And, by the way, one can actually have  
just plain text inside a formula, such as some statement in prose that  
needs to be centered and numbered like other formulae.

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