[whatwg] Content Model Restrictions on table>tr in HTML

* Ian Hickson wrote:
>No conformance criteria are broken if the user agent is assumed to have 
>"converted" the document to a serialisable form by adding an appropriate 
><tbody> element and then serialised that.

>If the user agent has not, e.g. it shows a tree of what it thinks it 
>serialised, and that tree doesn't have a <tbody> between the <table> and 
>the <tr>, then the browser has violated "A table element must not contain 
>tr elements", under " Restrictions on content models".

You are now arguing way outside the context and the draft. For example,
the draft does not define what is a "serialisable form", when we are to
assume a user agent had performed such a conversion, or what it means
when something "thinks it serialised" something; and we were talking
about authoring tools, not arbitrary user agents and browsers. My tool
did not serialize, by my definition of that word, any 'tbody' element,
it would be incorrect to claim otherwise.

What you probably mean is when the authoring tool makes claims about the
contents of the generated file. If it claims that the file contains a
table element with tr child elements then it would be misbehaving, but
not because table elements must not have tr child elements, but because
there are no such elements in the generated file. But never mind, I
certainly do not want to stop you from torturing people who wish to
learn about HTML syntax.
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