[whatwg] WF2 changes: uri->url, ERROR_* constants dropped; status update

Olav Junker Kj?r wrote:
> Ian Hickson wrote:
>> NOTE: Other than the three issues listed in the "Status of this 
>> document" section (the <dataentry> proposal, the question of whether 
>> the repetition model is needed at all, and the div-form-inline content 
>> model issue) I am not aware of any outstanding issues on the WF2 
>> specification.
> What are the arguments for dropping the repetition model?
> FWIW I believe that the repetition model is quite useful, and it would 
> be a shame to drop it. Especially combined with data roundtrips 
> (replace=values), it enables an elegant way of editing tabular data. A 
> data grid is an essential component of any UI widget set, and the 
> template based approach in WF2 makes it more powerfull and flexible than 
> most.
> There might be point in editorially seperating the repetition model spec 
> from the form-related parts of WF2, though. They don't have too many 
> dependencies between them, and it might make both specs clearer and more 
> focused.
> regards
> Olav Junker Kj?r

I like the repetition model but maybe it needs more work. But not much 
more. I feel we are very close to a simple yet useful mechanism. If we 
did separate it into a separate module then we would have time to tweak 


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