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[whatwg] [WF2] Objection to autocomplete Attribute

From: Matthew Raymond <mattraymond@earthlink.net>
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 09:54:56 -0500
Message-ID: <423EE040.5020504@earthlink.net>
James Graham wrote:
> Lachlan Hunt wrote:
>>Then, please at least deprecate it.  If it's only being defined to 
>>help with interopable implementations, that's fine, but it's use 
>>should be discouraged as much as possible, therefore it should be 
> What the WHATWG spec says on this matter is irrelevant; browsers will 
> implement whatever the banks dictate. As Hixie says, the spec only 
> serves the purpose of documenting an accepted standard. Therefore, I 
> really don't think it's worth any more time discussing this attribute.

    Actually, now that I think about it, why do we need to have a spec 
saying that it's not depreciated or that it should be non-trivial to 
deactivate if the banks are going to blackmail UAs to support it? Why 
support blackmail through our specifications. If banks force them to 
implement a specific attribute in a specific way, fine, but don't force 
user agents to do it that way as a matter of spec compliance.
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