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[whatwg] Re: several messages

From: Greg Kilwein <gkilwein@fbsdata.com>
Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2005 08:36:29 -0600
Message-ID: <4208CE6D.6020804@fbsdata.com>
Matthew Raymond wrote:

> Greg Kilwein wrote:
>> I'll add one more problem - the author cannot easily test the 
>> fallback content in the UA of <idate/> if the author doesn't have a 
>> legacy UA available.  If the author can't easily test it, the odds of 
>> the fallback content being missing or broken are higher.
>    Who are you kidding? To test <idate>, you just comment out the 
> "<idate>" tags:
> | <!-- <idate> -->
> |  <input name="date1">
> | <!-- </idate> -->
>    Or you write the fallback and test it before adding the 
> date-related WF2 markup.

The key is _easily_ test the fallback content.  For those authors who 
just don't care, there's no default fallback content, which I think is 
worse than none at all.  Besides, if the upper-end authors really want 
to replace <input type="date"> with three select boxes in legacy UAs, it 
can be done with some script without imposing some sort of 
comment/uncomment testing method on lower-end authors who just don't 
know or care.

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