[whatwg] Discovery of interest re Web Applications 1.0 / Demos / Semi-offtopic

On Wed, 8 Sep 2004, Daniel O'Connor wrote:
> A multi-purpose statusbar for specific controls/ collections of controls 
> would be useful imho: overriding (intercepting?) the UA's statusbar for 
> XmlHttpRequests/ transactions between the server, as well as providing a 
> useful place for feedback to a user. Ie, "Transaction Completed" or 
> "Saved" -> whichever message you like to output.
> Enables more complex web applications that 'load' in the background; and 
> a user can move on to other tasks (ie, logging in via an XmlHttpRequest 
> but already starting to author content for a blog comment or somesuch.)

What in particular is it you want control over beyond what window.status 
allows already?

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