[whatwg] Some comments on Web Applications 1.0

On Tue, 7 Sep 2004, Simon Davis wrote:
> A comment on the current (4/9) draft of Web Applications 1.0:
> In the Introduction you write: "The scope of this specification is not 
> to describe an entire operating system. In particular, office 
> productivity applications, image manipulation, and other applications 
> that users would be expected to use with high-end workstations on a 
> daily basis are out of scope."
> But isn't the scope of web applications where users interact with data 
> rather than where they create large amounts of data. Sure when users use 
> webmail or a wiki or a webform into a database, etc they are creating 
> rather than consuming data. But, in contrast to using (say) an Office 
> application, each act of creation is relatively small.

It doesn't have to be. And indeed in the case of most users, I imagine 
their Web mail (or other communications software, e.g. SMS applications 
and forums) usage and output far outweighs any output they might create 
through native applications like spreadsheets or word processors.

So I'm not sure I agree that the difference between what is in scope and 
what is out of scope is the level of data created.

Thanks for your input, though (and sorry for the delay in replying),
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