[whatwg] overflow:auto in tbody

Henri Sivonen wrote:
>>> Instead of having a scrollbar specifically for the table, I'd prefer 
>>> a  copy of the thead box sticking to the top of the viewport when the 
>>>  usual thead box has been scrolled above the top of the view port but 
>>> a  part of the table is still visible in the view port.
>> Do you suggest to use the scrollbar of the current viewport (whole 
>> document or frame)?
> Yes.
> See the illustration at http://www.hut.fi/u/hsivonen/misc/table-scroll/
> The first image shows the entire (nested) table. The other images show 
> how the headers and footer would interact with the viewport when scrolling.

Wouldn't this encourage page authors to use tables for page layouts? 
(even though that may not be the intent)

I definitely can see that happening... 'look guys, a new method to 
create fixed headers and footers on your pages using tables, instead of 
using that half-assed CSS'.

Another thing is, is this something the WHATWG should specify, or is it 
just a feature to implement for UA's? And what in case there are two 
tables next to eachother which partially overlap in the vertically?


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Received on Sunday, 14 November 2004 15:09:23 UTC