[whatwg] XPointer

Brad Neuberg wrote:
> I would love XPointer support; it would make
> commenting on arbitrary portions of pages much easier.
>  I can see how XPointer would be problamatic on
> non-well formed HTML pages, though.  What if we
> simplified it and said that XPointer would only be
> supported on XHTML pages?  That would drastically
> simplify things; you simply couldn't use XPointer
> unless it was an XHTML page.  Better to have it in a
> simple case than try to define an HTML Pointer which
> might get _very_ nasty.

On one hand, that makes sense, on the other hand, first being dependant 
on authors to add ID's, and now being dependant on them having an XHTML 
page (with application/xhtml+xml) doesn't really improve the situation much.

Note that XPointer is already possible on links in Mozilla - it is just 
that having it standardized would perhaps broaden the support for it.

I think a behaviour for non-well-formed pages can be defined with some 
simple rules, if some thought is put into it.


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Received on Sunday, 14 November 2004 15:04:22 UTC