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[whatwg] unclear example

From: Mark Schenk <css@markschenk.com>
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 13:48:12 +0200
Message-ID: <opsaeoemh331wfpa@pc085.lan020.oslo.opera.com>
In section 2.1 an example is given of the newly introduced attributes,
which has me confused a bit. It concerns the following lines:

<label for="time1"> Preferred delivery time: </label>
<input id="time1" name="time1" type="time" min="08:00" max="17:00"
value="08:00" /> ?
<input id="time2" name="time2" type="time" min="08:00" max="17:00"
value="17:00" />

The inputs are given as type="time" which is defined to have the format:
00:00:00.0 however the max and min value are not specified as such,
although in section 2.1.1. it is stated:

"Gives the minimum value (inclusive) of the field, in the format specified
for the relevant type."

So shouldn't it then be:

<input id="time1" name="time1" type="time" min="08:00:00" max="17:00:00"
value="08:00:00" />

Or should I look for the answer in the line "All the numbers must be in
base ten and zero-padded if necessary." so that the UA should take 8:00
and add zeros to it to get the official format?

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