[whatwg] internationalization/localization

Pete Harlow wrote:
> fantasai wrote:
>>   <p>The boat trip will be on
>>     <date format="compact">2005-12-04</date>.</p>
>> or
>>   <p>The boat trip will be on
>>     <date format="compact" iso="2005-12-04">04/12/05</date>.</p>
>> ?
> I take it the content between <date> and </date> is for legacy UIs 
> otherwise
> <p>
>  <date format="compact" iso="2005-12-04" />
> </p>
> would be cleaner...

No, that's much worse. Content should be in the content of the element,
not its attributes.

The 'iso' attribute is there to accomodate new UAs by giving
the browser some help translating an otherwise ambiguous bit
of content. :)



Received on Tuesday, 13 July 2004 06:21:41 UTC