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The Motion Corp band [via Multi-device Timing Community Group]

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Hi all,

we created this little and slightly silly demonstration of multi-device timing.
 The devices play separate ogg or mp3 tracks.  You can test it yourself if you
like on http://mcorp.no/examples/multitrack/ - note that all devices that
connect will be in sync (it's not limited to pr. user), so it's a global
performance! Here is the description available on YouTube:

The MotionCorp Band plays up with a cover of "Silent Man" by Speak Softly. This
is a recording from their first practice together, so don't expect the London
Symphonic Orchestra!

The band members are:
Asus Zenbook on percussion
Samsung Note 8 on the Synth (he's not very good and got the most forgiving
instrument, but don't tell him!)
The Nexus 7 brothers (2013 and 2012) on the Piano
Samsung Galaxy S4 on vocals
and finally Nexus5 and Samsung Galaxy Tab from all the way from 2010 on backing

They run various Android versions (4.2, 4.3, 4.4 and 5.0) - all Androids run
Firefox. All synchronization using the inMotion global timing service from the
Motion Corporation.



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