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Re: Proposed initial draft of "Architecture and Requirements for Web-based Signage Player - Emergency Information Profile"

From: Futomi Hatano <futomi.hatano@newphoria.co.jp>
Date: Sun, 05 Jan 2014 11:51:58 +0900
To: Sung Hei Kim <shkim@etri.re.kr>
Cc: "public-websignage@w3.org" <public-websignage@w3.org>, 허미영 <myhuh@etri.re.kr>, 강신각 <sgkang@etri.re.kr>
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Happy New Year!
Thanks for editting the wiki, Sung Hei, Wook.
Some comments:

* The "Abstract" section

This section doesn't describe the Emergency Profile, but the Core Profile.
It should be changed to appropriate phrases for the Emergency Profile.
How about this?

Digital signage plays a significant role in emergency situations,
such as earthquake, tsunami, fire, etc.
Many lives could be saved with appropriate information
shown on signs in such situations.

This profile defines requirements for web-based signage
in emergency situations.
Emergency situations can be classified by severity levels.
This profile shows the severity levels, and what and how
signs should show.
Besides, it illustrates how the requirements can be implemented
with web technologies.

To Sung Hei, Wook,
Can I edit the doc on the wiki directly?
I'll replace the phrases in the "Abstract" section,
and add some styles in the doc.
There are many memo-like phrases in the doc for now.
For example, "This section provides ...", "This part can describe ...",
"This part describes...".
I think these phrases should be distinguished from the body text
with some styles, such as font-size, font-style, or color.

To all,
For now, the doc is just a skeleton.
It's just the beginning.
I hope many members will propose ideas.


On Thu, 2 Jan 2014 01:48:48 +0000
Sung Hei Kim <shkim@etri.re.kr> wrote:

> Happy New Year!
> We have made a initial draft for Emergency Information Profile.
> You can find the link in the main page (http://www.w3.org/community/websignage/wiki/Main_Page) under "Emergency Information Profile".
> The link address for the initial draft is http://www.w3.org/community/websignage/wiki/Web-based_Signage_Player_Emergency_Profile.
> Please see our draft.
> Any comments are welcome.
> Thanks,
> Regards,
> Wook & Sung Hei.
> ________________________________
> From : "Futomi Hatano" <futomi.hatano@newphoria.co.jp>
> Sent : 2013-12-20 18:00:17 ( +09:00 )
> To : Sung Hei Kim <shkim@etri.re.kr>
> Cc : public-websignage@w3.org <public-websignage@w3.org>, 현욱 <whyun@etri.re.kr>, 허미영 <myhuh@etri.re.kr>, 강신각 <sgkang@etri.re.kr>
> Subject : Re: Proposal to start work on Architecture and Requirements for Web-based Signage Player - Emergency Information Profile
> Hi Sung Hei, Wook,
> I'm very glad that you are interested in the Emergency Information Profile.
> Though the work will be challenging, it's really important for Web-based signage.
> I've been terribly busy this year too. Sorry about not making progress at all.
> I really appliciate your poroposal.
> I've read your post.
> I completely agree with your poroposal.
> I look forward to your work.
> Cheers,
> Futomi
> On Fri, 20 Dec 2013 08:12:23 +0000
> Sung Hei Kim wrote:
> >
> > Dear All,
> >
> > Hello, everyone. It’s been a while.
> > I see that Futomi has worked on core profile, and no progress on other profiles.
> > We also have been busy with other business matter, so we could not make comments or contributions to the work that is going on in this BG.
> > There has not been much activity in here for few months. So I think we need to start on something in order to make progress.
> >
> > We have been sort of interested in emergency information, so we would like to make proposal on starting the work on the “Architecture and Requirements for Web-based Signage Player - Emergency Information Profile”.
> > We believe that Emergency Information should be handled in somewhat unified manner (display format) for the people to easily perceive and understand the information to minimize confusion during emergency.
> > Actual style and format of expressing the emergency information are national regulatory matter; however, web-based signage BG can suggest a profile for emergency information service using web technology.
> > So, from this assumption, I think we can work on “Architecture and Requirements for Web-based Signage Player - Emergency Information Profile”.
> >
> > Some of the work list we think that can be considered is as follows
> > - Overview of emergency information system for digital signage: this part provides brief description of the overall lifecycle of emergency information that can be displayed in the digital signage system. Normally emergency information is officially generated by the national disaster related center such as weather center or national relief organization. This part can describe the overall structure of emergency information system and describes how the information data may be processed by the digital signage system in general.
> > - Classification of Severity Level for display: the emergency information should be displayed differently according to the seriousness and urgency. Same information can have different impact according to the circumstances. For example, emergency information such as weather, emergency status of other area is informational and can be classified as minor alarm. Information such as earthquake, tsunami, and fire that involve threats to the surrounding are classified as major alarm. This part assumes there are different levels of alerts/alarm which can vary from minor alarm (such as weather, emergency news of other area) to major alarm (such as earthquake, tsunami, fire, etc.) that involves threats to the surrounding. This part intends to classify the severity levels and suggests method of display that can be used for each level. Some display method can include such as display format, display frequency, type of sound produced, etc. We can draw some requirements for each level in this process and make some gap analysis that may be needed. This part classifies the Severity Level based on the seriousness and urgency of the emergency information. It will not classify the actual type of emergency, since this is a national regulatory matter and is out of scope of W3C. For example, it will not assign earthquake as level something.
> > - Reception of emergency information: this part can describe how the emergency information can be received by the digital signage system using web technology. We are considering WebSocket or HTTP PUSH for this.
> > - Display of emergency information: this part describes how to display the emergency information using web technology. There can be various methods to consider in displaying emergency message, from use of ticker box, small window pop-up, full screen display with warning alarm, etc. This part can list some of the related web-technology that maybe used and include some example codes.
> > I believe we can work on the topics described above. I believe the work should be aligned with the core profile. For example, terminology, structure of the document, etc. There can be other topics that can be considered in this work. Any comments or ideas are welcome.
> >
> > I think we need a space to work on this proposal and also to collect comments and ideas. We will try to make a skeleton for this work in the W3C wiki, maybe by next week, if there is no objection.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Wook & Sung Hei
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> Newphoria Corporation
> Chief Technology Officer
> Futomi Hatano
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> futomi.hatano@newphoria.co.jp
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