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== Capability Delegation for getDisplayMedia() ==
Imagine you have a moderately successful Web application, which has its own distinct look and feel; maybe GitHub or Wikipedia. Now let's say that you want to incorporate a video-conferencing application into your app and you turn to a third party solution that can be embedded in a cross-origin iframe. There's a lot of logic behind the scenes, but UX-wise, maybe you work out a scheme where it's mostly the video which is user-facing in the video-conferencing iframe, and the user-facing controls - mute, leave, share-screen - are all part of your app, and receive its UX styling. When those buttons are pressed, some messages are exchanged between your application and the embedded VC solution.

<img width="754" alt="image" src="https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/22117736/219040901-a91f8528-a029-4aea-bb0d-f1892c25bf94.png">

Now imagine you press the `Share` button, which is inside your app. You want to send a message to the VC app, but when the VC app gets that message, it can't actually call `getDisplayMedia()`, because it's missing the transient activation. Darn.

Well, luckily, there's such a thing as [Capability Delegation](https://wicg.github.io/capability-delegation/spec.html), and that'd solve the problem.

Question 1: Do we agree that this would be a Good Thing? (If not, let's stop and debate it. If yes, proceed.)

Question 2: Shall monkey-patch that draft report, or can we reference it from this spec, despite it being a draft report? (Possibly we could make a vague reference to some means to delegate capability that might be added in the future.)

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