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== Exposing mouse events from captured surfaces ==
Web applications can observe mouse events occurring over themselves. But what about events over a captured display surface? Mouse coordinates can be read by inspecting frames and searching for the cursor, but that is neither simple, nor efficient, nor robust.

During the first [Screen Capture Community Group](https://www.w3.org/community/sccg/) meeting ([slides](https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/12rkZiPoOSz8jRsVpT2O5JKPowcByo1O5dL4sJQjYgKQ/edit?usp=sharing), [minutes](https://github.com/screen-share/meetings/blob/main/minutes/2023-02-16.md)), @ldenoue and I described the use-cases this would unlock and presented a proposed API. The proposal was met with enthusiasm, with unanimous agreement (via poll) for the presenters to produce a draft and present it to the group during the next meeting. This draft is now ready: [https://screen-share.github.io/mouse-events/](https://screen-share.github.io/mouse-events/)

I'd like to encourage everyone interested to join the discussion. Comments on this thread, issues on the [proposal's repo](https://github.com/screen-share/mouse-events), participation in the next SCCG meeting, courier pigeon notes - you name it.

(CC @happylinks)

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