[webrtc-encoded-transform] Is "empty" value of RTCEncodedVideoFrameType useful? (#156)

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== Is "empty" value of RTCEncodedVideoFrameType useful? ==
"empty" is part of RTCEncodedVideoFrameType but not part of EncodedVideoChunkType.
As spotted in https://github.com/w3c/webrtc-encoded-transform/pull/155#discussion_r985478345, it is in use by Chrome to indicate the frame was enqueued. This is not in use by Safari AFAIK.
I can see two options:
1. Remove "empty", make RTCEncodedVideoFrame.type immutable. Replace RTCEncodedVideoFrameType by EncodedVideoChunkType.
2. Describe that RTCEncodedVideoFrame.type changes to "empty" when being enqueued (like we are adding the transfer rules for data).

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