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== Add RTOMax to RTCDataChannelInit ==
I am developing a terminal app that uses data channels to connect to a remote shell. While my hosted server is local with RTT of ~15ms my home network is slow - 30Mbps download, 3Mbps upload - and congested.  I'm sharing it with my two daughters who were in lockdown and they were both using zoom.

Still, the terminal performed very poorly. I opened an issue with pion - pion/sctp#181 - and the discussion there taught me SCTP retransmit timeout is backing off exponentially with a cap of 60 seconds. For my app this is unacceptable. I'm hitting a key and I expect to see it on the terminal in real time. If it fails, I want to quickly retransmit, 2-3 seconds max.

SCTP's RFC provides a way to limit the retransmission timeout (RTO):

> c7) A maximum value may be placed on RTO provided it is at least RTO.max seconds

In WebRTC RTOMax is a constant with a recommendation to set it at 60 seconds. I need  an `RTOMax` field in `RTCDataChannelInit` so I can ensure timely retransmissions.

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