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[mediacapture-fromelement] Pull Request: Assign scope to internal slots

[mediacapture-image] getPhotoCapabilities should be marked as adding additional fingerprinting surface (#284)

[mediacapture-image] Make mandatory link between image metadata and page permissions (#283)

[mediacapture-image] Minor text suggestions and clarification requests (#287)

[mediacapture-image] Spec entrenches current privacy harming getUserMedia / enumerateDevices systems (#286)

[mediacapture-image] Using getPhotoSettings and takePhoto allows for cross site communication (#285)

[mediacapture-main] Document that MediaStreamTracks get ended when their contexts go away (#804)

[mediacapture-main] Pull Request: Clarify that a source lifetime is bound to its context

[mediacapture-main] Pull Request: Update to latest ReSpec version

[mediacapture-output] "speaker-selection" doesn't seem to be implemented? (#122)

[mediacapture-output] Pull Request: Assign scope to internal slots

[mst-content-hint] Pull Request: Fix suspected copy/paste error

[webrtc-encoded-transform] Pull Request: Document legacy API that was removed in #64

[webrtc-extensions] Pull Request: Fix link to namespaced internal slots

[webrtc-identity] ReSpec error due to {} default value (#34)

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Update to latest ReSpec version

[webrtc-pc] SDP exchange (#2667)

[webrtc-provisional-stats] Add track metrics to JavaScript getStats function (#21)

[webrtc-stats] Expose the usefull experimental stats to a JavaScript layer (#609)

[webrtc-stats] Pull Request: Marking references to RFC2032 & 4587 as informative

[webrtc-svc] Move to Candidate Recommendation (#45)

[webrtc-svc] Pull Request: "legal" -> "compliant"

[webrtc-svc] Registries? (#47)

[webrtc-svc] s/legal/valid/? (#44)

Agenda for July 22 Virtual Interim

Alternate proposal for processing and generating MediaStreamTrack

Call for Agenda Items: September WEBRTC WG Virtual Interim

Doodle Poll for September 2021 Interim

Event Invitation: WebRTC WG July 2021 call

Next WEBRTC WG Virtual Interim: September 15, 2021

Request for Agenda items: July 22 WEBRTC WG Virtual Interim

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TPAC 2021 Plans

WEBRTC WG Virtual Interim: July 22, 2021

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