[minutes] WebRTC Dec 2021 meeting

The minutes of our meeting on Tuesday Dec 14 are available at:

and copied as text below. Thanks Ben for scribing!


                  WebRTC December 2021 Virtual Interim


      [2] https://www.w3.org/2011/04/webrtc/wiki/December_14_2021


          Ben Wagner, Bernard Aboba (BA), Brian Baldino, Carine,
          Dominique Hazael-Massieux (DHM), Elad Alon (EA), Florent
          Castelli, Guido Urdaneta, Harald Alvestrand (HA),
          Jan-Ivar Bruaroey (JIB), Patrick Rockhill, Randell Jesup
          (RJ), Tim Panton (Tim), Tony Herre, Tove Petersson,
          youenn fablet (YF)


          Bernard, Harald, Jan-Ivar

          Ben Wagner, scribe


    1. [3]Call for Adoption of Region Capture
    2. [4]Call for Adoption of Media Capture Transform
    3. [5]WebRTC Encoded Transform - key frame request API
    4. [6]Issue #2698 / PR #2704 - add PAC timer; "new"→"failed"
    5. [7]Issue 47: RTP Header Extension Encryption
    6. [8]Issue 69: ptime is mentioned but not actually settable
    7. [9]WebRTC-NV Use Cases CfC
         1. [10]Low-latency P2P Broadcast
         2. [11]Decentralized Internet
         3. [12]Reduced Complexity Signaling
         4. [13]requirements N30, N31, N32, N33
         5. [14]requirements N34, N35, N36, N37, N38, N39

Meeting minutes

   Slideset: [15]https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-archive/


   Recording: [16]https://youtu.be/PjpACM_6IgM

     [16] https://youtu.be/PjpACM_6IgM

  Call for Adoption of Region Capture


     [17] https://youtu.be/PjpACM_6IgM?t=266

   [18][ Slide 11 ]


   JIB presents

   [19][ Slide 12 ]


   YF presents

   EA discusses counterpoints to the objections

   Tim, JIB, EA, BA, HA discuss security implications

   YF and EA discuss the scope of the work

  Call for Adoption of Media Capture Transform


     [20] https://youtu.be/PjpACM_6IgM?t=1230

   [21][ Slide 14 ]


   YF presents; BA adds a detail

   HA and YF discuss counterpoints to the concerns

   BA discusses consistency of APIs

   Because no objections to the CfA, the CfA is approved.

   [22][ Slide 15 ]


   JIB provides response to the concerns in slide 14, BA and JIB
   discuss error handling

  WebRTC Encoded Transform - key frame request API


     [23] https://youtu.be/PjpACM_6IgM?t=1750

   [24][ Slide 18 ]


   [25][ Slide 19 ]


   [26][ Slide 20 ]


   [27][ Slide 21 ]


   slide 18-21: YF presents; BA asks for a clarification

   HA explains why there is a timestamp

   [28][ Slide 22 ]


   slide 22: YF presents; HA, YF, BA, Tim discuss

   BA suggests that we make some revisions then send for a CfC on
   the PR preview of the change. YF, HA, BA, JIB, and DHM discuss
   the process. Decision: make a PR and run a CfC on the PR

  Issue #2698 / PR #2704 - add PAC timer; "new"→"failed"


     [29] https://youtu.be/PjpACM_6IgM?t=2595

   [30][ Slide 26 ]


   [31][ Slide 27 ]


   slide 26-27: JIB presents

   PR 2704 has consensus.

  Issue 47: RTP Header Extension Encryption


     [32] https://youtu.be/PjpACM_6IgM?t=2855

   [33][ Slide 28 ]


   [34][ Slide 29 ]


   slide 28-29: BA presents; BA, HA, and Tim discuss

   Next step: HA will send a note to AVTCORE WG about the problem.

   EA asks for clarification on the result of the CfA on Region
   Capture. BA suggests additional clarification on the document.
   Once revisions are made, the WG chairs will make a decision.

  Issue 69: ptime is mentioned but not actually settable


     [35] https://youtu.be/PjpACM_6IgM?t=3360

   [36][ Slide 30 ]


   [37][ Slide 31 ]


   slide 30-31: BA presents; Tim expresses strong support

   Decision to merge PR to extensions, with a note that it has not
   been implemented.

  WebRTC-NV Use Cases CfC


     [38] https://youtu.be/PjpACM_6IgM?t=3561

   [39][ Slide 34 ]


   [40][ Slide 35 ]


   slide 34-35: BA presents

    Low-latency P2P Broadcast


     [41] https://youtu.be/PjpACM_6IgM?t=3600

   Tim states that the wording is confusing and discusses the
   comments in support and objections. HA clarifies; suggests
   rewording the use case and adopting. BA discusses additional
   suggestions and responses to objections. JIB feels we should
   object to the use case until it's clarified.

   Next steps – PR to revise the use case. Tim will send a PR and
   chairs will comment.

   RJ and BA discuss meaning of P2P and its implications with
   low-latency. Tim, BA, RJ, and HA discuss additional points.

    Decentralized Internet


     [42] https://youtu.be/PjpACM_6IgM?t=4331

   [43][ Slide 36 ]


   slide 36: Tim and BA discuss. RJ is concerned about the amount
   of work and security/privacy/resource usage implications. BA
   asks Tim if the people interested in decentralized internet
   would be able to attend the WG meeting. RJ points out
   additional concerns about user consent. Tim and RJ discuss. BA
   suggests next steps – invite additional people for discussion
   at a future meeting. JIB discusses using fetch to satisfy the
   use case. HA suggests that we settle on the use case before
   discussing the implementation.

    Reduced Complexity Signaling


     [44] https://youtu.be/PjpACM_6IgM?t=4900

   slide 36: HA discusses point on the slide. Tim explains
   motivation for the use case. HA and Tim discuss negotiation and
   signaling. BA, Tim discuss. HA suggests that the use case
   should be adopted with a note about security. Next step –
   redesign as a higher-level requirement without specific

    requirements N30, N31, N32, N33


     [45] https://youtu.be/PjpACM_6IgM?t=4900

   [46][ Slide 37 ]


   slide 37: BA presents; comments with HA, RJ; Tim explains
   motivation for some requirements. BA, RJ, Tim, JIB discuss.
   Next step on N30-N32 - revise, particularly wrt "interruption"
   and follow up on YF's PR. Tim and RJ discuss N33.

    requirements N34, N35, N36, N37, N38, N39


     [47] https://youtu.be/PjpACM_6IgM?t=6184

   [48][ Slide 38 ]


   [49][ Slide 39 ]


   slide 38-39: BA presents; Tim clarifies the motivation for the
   use-cases. HA, RJ, and BA discuss.

   discussion of next steps. HA, Tim, BA, JIB discuss. Suggestion
   is to edit and revise.

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