Re: Proposal for Audio Track Worklet API:

Hi Harald,

This is an interesting proposal, some feedback/questions below.

The proposal has some overlap with existing technologies and it is worth understanding how they relate.

For instance, ScriptProcessorNode provides ways to access to the samples, though on the main thread.
As stated in the draft, WebAudio Worklet could be emulated through AudioWorkletNode.
The question is then why to not use AudioContext/AudioWorkletNode directly.
If not possible, would a WebRTCAudioContext be able to solve these issues?

In terms of API, the model seems to mandate a one input/one optional-output model.
I guess some cases (sub/super-sampling, mixing, fanning out) cannot probably be handled.
I guess the idea is to use WebAudio for those cases instead.
The question is then what are the cases AudioMediaTrackProcessor should be used for and what are the cases WebAudio should be used instead.


> On Oct 10, 2018, at 1:50 AM, Harald Alvestrand <> wrote:
> As part of my homework from the June WG meeting, and in preparation for
> TPAC, I have started drawing up a proposal for a worklet that allows us
> to process audio.
> Link to the presentation form:
> I haven't made this a generic processor for audio and video, because I
> think efficient processing of video (especially large-frame video) will
> require significantly more attention to buffering and utiliziation of
> platform-embedded processors (GPUs!) than is required for usable audio
> processing.
> Note: This proposal (or even this general idea) is a PROPOSAL TO the WG
> - it does not represent any form of decision.
> Comments welcome!
> Harald
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