Re: BUNDLE nightmare when first media section becomes inactive

On 8/24/17 5:58 PM, Taylor Brandstetter wrote:
>      Right, the bundle spec does not tell us what to do here, which is
>     a hole in that spec. When you have trickle ICE, it is currently
>     impossible for the offerer to indicate which ICE transport it
>     intends to reuse where, because the c-line is not necessarily stable.
> Yeah, the BUNDLE spec is written with the assumption that the 
> transport can be identified by an address, which is not true for ICE, 
> where it's identified by a ufrag instead. I tried to fix this and 
> other problems here 
> (, but unfortunately 
> I got involved too late and my proposed changes didn't make it into 
> the spec.
>     2. Some way for the offerer to unambiguously signal which
>     transport it wants to use for each bundle/lone m-section, that
>     does not rely on the c-line. Maybe some sort of tag for each
>     transport.
> I assumed the ufrag could be used as this "tag".

     It cannot unless there is spec language that says it needs to be 
different for each transport. There is no such language, to my 
knowledge. There's also interop to worry about; Firefox does not use a 
different ufrag for each transport, and I doubt many other 
implementations do either. Keep in mind that interoperating with 
gateways and such is the likeliest time to see bundle shenanigans...

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Byron Campen

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