Re: Stepping down as co-Chair for WebRTC WG

Thanks Erik for all your work during this period. Now the rest of us 
will have to do more work :-(

It has been a great pleasure to work with you! And we hope to see you 
back soon!

Stefan for the chairs and team contacts

PS I also think WebRTC V1 will be a great spec, but not so much because 
of my work, that honor should go to the group and the editors

On 13/09/16 22:47, Erik Lagerway wrote:
> Thank you, W3C and WG members for a very memorable 1 year + !
> It has been my great pleasure serving as co-Chair of the WebRTC Working
> Group, thank you for the opportunity!
> I have the greatest respect for Stephan and Harald (and the entire group
> of course). I know with certainty WebRTC V1 will be a great specification.
> For clarity sake, I thought it important to point out that I did not
> leave for any other reason than not having enough of my own personal
> time to contribute, due mainly to my recent work engagements. I still
> believe that WebRTC is the quintessential technology for Real Time
> Communications, and believe it will continue to drive a paradigm shift
> in comms. I look forward to returning to the W3C and WebRTC when time
> permits!
> Looking forward to seeing V1 ship! w00t!! :)
> Warmest regards,
> Erik Lagerway
> Dialpad <> | VP Client Solutions | (415) 805-1031

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