Re: Seeking opinions on github info to list

Den 29. okt. 2016 12:42, skrev Martin Thomson:
> On 29 October 2016 at 07:47, Bernard Aboba <> wrote:
>> Notifying individually about issue and PR filing makes sense to me.
>> Not so sure that we need individual close and merge notifications, which (roughly) double the amount of traffic.
>> Would it be possible to aggregate close/merge notifications?
> I think a better approach would be to mimic the config that the HTTP
> working group does.  There is a separate list for github
> notifications.  That can be very high volume.  It helps with filtering
> (don't subscribe!), and it meets the archival requirements fluffy
> mentioned.  You can even get a mailing list digest.

We have this mailing list set up for mediacapture. It's called There haven't been many subscribers.

> Personally, I find the github emails better.  I subscribe to the level
> that I care about for every repo that I'm interested in.  On some
> repos, that's just specific issues.  The mailing list is much harder
> to tailor to individual needs.

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