Summary and conclusions on github notifications

This is a summary of the discussion around Github notifications.
It is likely to misrepresent some people’s opinions. Apologies.

Thesis: Github notifications are overwhelming other list traffic, and
making the list “impossible to follow”. This sentiment has apparently
been expressed by multiple people.

The issue was posted to public-webrtc on October 27, and a few opinions
were received.
In no particular order:

- Cullen Jennings noted that long term retention of when ideas were
first proposed was important in patent litigations; having the only
archive on github is therefore a Bad Thing.
- Bernard Aboba noted that he finds the notification of issue and PR
filing to be important.
- Martin Thomson noted that a separate list solves the archive issue,
and that he prefers github’s own tools for following issues.
There were no other opinions stated on the list.

The chairs are uncertain what conclusions can be drawn from this small
amount of input, but conclude that there seems to be no support for
continuing to send notifications of the closing of issues and PRs to the
list. We will ask for them to be turned off accordingly.

We will also make sure there exist archives at W3C for all notifications
from Github, to ensure that the archival function mentioned above is
carried out appropriately.

Harald, for the chairs

Received on Wednesday, 9 November 2016 14:15:34 UTC