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== Get Ready for Customized Ring-Back Tone ==
<h1><strong>Get  Ready for Customized Ring-Back Tone</strong></h1>
<p><strong>Author: </strong><br>
  DONG Wenyu, China Mobile</p>
<h2>1. Introduction </h2>
<p>Customized  Ring-Back Tone (CRBT for short afterwards) has been 
popular across billions of  telephone subscribers and tens of MNO 
operators, especially in Asia. Users use CRBT  to express their 
feelings or passions, and vast positive influence has been  intrigued 
over musical industry. In fact, CRBT has become the far more powerful
  distribution channels than any other channels in some countries.<br>
Thus,  it is reasonable for WebRTC to support CRBT, in order to appeal
 and please  their users and to boost WebRTC-centric ecosystem.</p>
<h2>2. Technical Requirements </h2>
<p>CRBT  calls for close collaboration among signaling procedure, CRBT
 media procedure  and users&rsquo; vocal/video media procedure. CRBT 
requires seamlessly switch between  CRBT media and user media, and 
this switch has to take place at exactly the  time when the 
callee&rsquo;s client starts to ring, which can only be precisely 
derived  from signaling procedure.<br>
  However,  signaling procedure and media procedure in WebRTC are 
merely loosely coupled. Thus,  necessary technical mechanisms need to 
be polished.<br>
  Firstly,  a data structure is required to describe the CRBT service.
 Note, CRBT is  deployed on callee side and is irrelevant to caller 
side. <br>
  Secondly,  two set of media sessions need to be set up, in 
accordance with signaling. The  caller should 1) firstly start media 
exchanging with CRBT service and continue receiving  CRBT media until 
it is notified that the callee pick up the client; and then 2)  switch
 to user media exchange at no time.<br>
How is  your opinion? On requirements, or on specification </p>

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