Re: Virtual Interim - feedback & next meeting

Den 20. jan. 2016 20:49, skrev Erik Lagerway:
> Thanks to all who participated! Links to the video recording and minutes
> can be found on the webrtc meeting wiki page:
> We have had some initial positive feedback on the meeting structure and
> effectiveness already, this is mirrored by the progress made on github.
> With this in mind we are inclined to move forward with a second virtual
> interim in the same manner.
> If you have any feedback on how the meeting went we would like to hear
> it, preferably by Tuesday of next week as we would like to send out a
> Doodle for the next virtual interim we hope to schedule in February.
> Best regards,
> Erik, for the chairs.

Speaking as the technical host:

The meeting itself seemed to work well. Someone (me) had to pay
attention in order to hit "allow access" whenever people tried to join,
but I don't think anyone had major problems.

Our intention of recording to YouTube Live did not work. It turned out
that the lawyers had blocked it for the type of conference we were using
(the one with the high limit for number of participants).

We were 22 participant sites at peak. Still a margin to the limit, but
it's not a large one.

All other things being equal, I think we could try the same setup for
the next one.

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