Overview of Pull Requests for webrtc-pc (merged, soon to be merged, missing etc.)

A lot of development of the webrtc-pc document is happening, and much of 
it is ongoing at github. In an effort to increase the transparency we 
provide the following overview where we divide the PRs into categories 
"to be merged shortly", "awaiting work/review", and "have been merged 
since Sapporo" (in this category we also include a couple that were 
merged during the actual meeting).

Also listed below is "Missing PRs" for things we have agreement to do 
but no PR, please take a look there to see if you are supposed to do 
something or can help out.

Stefan for the chairs

PRs we plan to merge shortly
#398 Remove mid from senders and receivers
#397 Make degredationPreference per-sender instead of per-encoding
#365 Adding an accessor for the browser-configured ICE servers
#353 Plan X: Add an API for using RID to do simulcast Note: There is 
also agreement that a surface to set framerate is needed, that will be 
added in a subsequent PR
#349 Defining RTCIceCandidateInformation, which inherits from 

PRs awaiting work/review
#317 Make dataChannel a Transferable object - Ekr to review, if found to 
be OK from a security perspective it will be merged
#350 RTCRtpSender support objects -> interfaces - on Dom’s plate to 
determine if this is a path we should follow

Missing PRs
- update security section based on tag review questions (waiting for 
EKR's review of Issue #265)
- way to set framerate for simulcast
- deal with address leakage (we decided to use Justin's proposal as a 
starting point)
- JSEP cross reference (Issue #337). On Dom and Ekr
- Describe what happens when media changes (fix Issue #305). Cullen has 
promised to provide a PR
- Describe what happens to transceivers when a rollback is done (on 
Peter and Martin)
- fix for Issue #308 "RTCRtpSender.get/setParameters is underspecified" 
(on Cullen)
- Align transceiver mid with O/A and rollback Issue #363

Merged since Sapporo:
#266 Tidy up setLocal/RemoteDescription processing model
#372 Use RFC5888 rather than 3388 for SDP ref
#367 Use updated reference for Secure Hash (FIPS-180-4)
#374 Throw on too long label/protocol in createDC
#381 Use unsigned long for positive values
#387 Use USVString for datachannel.send()
#357 Making RTCRtpTransceiver properties SameObject
#361 Adding setCodecPreferences to RTCRtpTransceiver
#371 Add RtcpMuxPolicy
#376 Use "media description" instead of "m-line"
#385 Don't invoke public API in legacy function section
#394 don't throw on empty iceServers list
#351 FrozenArray for interface, sequence for dictionary
#362 Fix for issue #21
#366 Use RTCDegradationPreference

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