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[BA] My recent experience with WebEx has been problematic - just had two calls this week where screen sharing failed to start and we had echo/noise from PSTN callers.

So would prefer WebRTC - without PSTN dialin if possible.

On Nov 18, 2015, at 16:28, Peter Thatcher <<>> wrote:

My experience using webex for audio calls makes me think it's even more of a pain.  My experience with it has been very poor.

If there's a system we can use that's large-scale audio + screencast, that would be better than webex, but actually uses WebRTC so I could just go to a webpage instead of installing something or calling in via PSTN and punching numbers, that would be much better.

On Wed, Nov 18, 2015 at 10:54 AM, Eric Rescorla <<>> wrote:
This seems like a not-great idea. My experience with large-scale video conferences is that they are unreliable and generally a PITA. Let's just
do an audio call if we are doing a virtual interim


On Tue, Nov 17, 2015 at 11:41 PM, Erik Lagerway <<>> wrote:
The chairs are giving some thought to having a Virtual F2F sometime in January, where we would be using a online tool for video conferencing, screen sharing and the like.

The motivation here stems from rising costs in travel and growing interest from some members to try and at least attempt to have some of the meetings via Virtual F2F / Video conference.

The chairs would be interested in hearing feedback from our members with regards to timing, rough agenda and the concept in general.

Erik, for the chairs.

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